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How does the technology work?

Developed by an orthopedic surgeon, our Forme® patented technology engages muscles memory to correct your full body alignment instantly. This wearable technology is free of wires and sensors, naturally teaching the body what good posture feels like by gently pulling the shoulders back and down and opening up the chest and hips. These sequences of transformation altogether  result in a straighter spine, increased height, reduced tension in the neck and back, and accelerated blood and oxygen flow to the muscles, lungs and brain for quick recovery. 

How is Forme different from other brands or posture correctors?

Most posture correcting products on the market rely on compression, braces, wiring or sensor/reminder-based technology, all of which can be uncomfortable, require conscious effort, or even atrophy your muscles. Forme does not rely on any of this. Instead, our wearables are designed to look and feel like everyday comfortable activewear while engaging your muscle memory to put your body in proper spatial positions. Forme technology focuses on re-training your entire body with continual biofeedback that allows your body to learn good posture through positive muscle memory. Our physicians recommend wearing our products both day and night to continually reinforce engagement with our body’s muscle memory. 

How long do I have to wear Forme to see the benefits?

This depends on your condition. Everybody is different, so the timeline can range from instant improvement within a couple of days to weeks. If you are looking to eliminate morning stiffness, our physicians recommend you wear Forme for 6-8 hours throughout the day and while you sleep for 3-4 months. If you are looking to improve posture, our physicians recommend you wear Forme for 4-6 hours throughout the day and while you sleep for 4-6 months. If you are looking to increase sports performance, our physicians recommend you wear Forme for both practice and recovery. All athletes that require optimal posture, height and length, and also suffer from neck and back tension will highly benefit from Forme. For overall wellness, we recommend you wear Forme for driving, traveling (especially on flights), and office work.  

Can I purchase this item with FSA/HSA or insurance ?

Yes, please follow the procedure outlined below. Our products are FDA registered as part of the spine brace category, so you can purchase our products with your regular credit card and provide a receipt to your FSA/HSA providers indicating the purchase as a spine or relevant brace support, or elastic support product. Categories include but are not limited to: Back Braces, Shoulder Braces, Hip & Knee Braces, and Ankle / Foot braces. Most providers will accept this reimbursement procedure.

Some providers require a brace prescription from a physician to demonstrate rehabilitation necessity, while others do not. Submitting a prescription in your claim will usually be sufficient.

Can I wear your products to sleep or travel ?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it! Wearing Forme to sleep is a great way to prevent morning stiffness, maintain good, healthy posture, and get better sleep. For sleepwear, we recommend sizing up for tees and pairing with our shorts or leggings. If you have any spine issues, such as arthritis, scoliosis or asthma, we recommend wearing your true size.

Are your products good for neck tension, rotator cuff injuries, or tight traps in the upper back?

Yes. Almost all people (athletes especially) who require upper body strength and mobility have this issue. These symptoms are very common in weight lifting, tennis, baseball, volleyball, football, rowing, swimming, golf, cycling, water polo, ballet, hockey, track/field, fencing, racquet sports, gymnastics and more. By gently rolling the shoulders back and down instantly upon wear, Forme will quickly alleviate these symptoms. For more information specific to your condition, feel free to email us

Are your products good for hamstring tightness, hip tendonitis, or post hip surgery?

Yes! Most tightness and/or inflammation is the result of overuse, poor alignment and inadequate recovery. These symptoms are often seen in athletics that require running, jumping or kicking or post hip surgery. Forme shorts have built-in alignment technology that helps reduce tension in the muscles and tendons around the hip for faster, more effective recovery. Post hip surgery, there is often swelling, pain and risk of blood clotting due to immobility. Through daily wear both day and night, Forme shorts can help reduce these symptoms. For more information specific to your condition, feel free to email us

How do I care for the products?

Take good care of your Forme wearables, and they'll take good care of you. We recommend washing the garments on cold and air drying them. Avoid using fabric softener or dryer sheets, as they can inhibit Forme’s moisture-wicking and UV protective quality, as well as break down the fibers that make them stretchy and firm.

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What size should I purchase?

We suggest purchasing true-to-size, but if you want more information before making a decision, please check out our sizing guide. Since our products are wearables and not regular activewear, they will fit everyone differently depending on your body type. Please remember: the items are designed to be form-fitting, but should not be uncomfortable!

Are your women's products designed for the shape and needs of augmented breasts?

Our performance wearables are an excellent option post breast augmentation both during recovery and after. Designed to engage muscles in the front chest, neck, back and ribcage, Forme bras gently pull your shoulders back and help increase mobility, reduce swelling, and reduce scar tissue post breast surgery. You can refer to the size chart on each product page to find your best and preferred fit to suit your needs. 

Are your products good for high school students with text-neck?

Yes. We highly recommend high school students start posture training early before it becomes symptomatic. Our products can feasibly be worn during the day, while playing sports, or while sleeping. 

Why do your products look like clothing if it is a wearable medical device?

Unlike traditional medical devices, braces or orthotics, our products are intentionally designed to look and feel like activewear with your daily comfort and function in mind. While our priority is to improve your daily performance and long-term health, we believe that seamless integration underscores usability and effectiveness as a result. Forme products are wire-free wearables composed of a patented inner and outer layers that work together as a medical device that ensures your spine is straight, encourages posture correction, and immediately improves related pains, spasms, and stiffness.

Can I wear styles from other genders?

Yes! Our products are gender fluid based on your size and style preference. You can simply refer to the size chart on each product page to find your best and preferred fit to suit your needs. 

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