Game Changing. Literally.

Golf Benefits

+ Increase thoracic mobility and rotation for more speed by keeping shoulder blades back and down

+ Keeps the right shoulder retracted and trained to avoid over the top swing without conscious effort

+ Boost recovery through proper posture alignment, muscle relaxation, and improved breathing and circulation

+ Effective for putting training by keeping the scapulas down and back in symmetry without effort

+ Effective posture training on golf setup without a mirror or alignment stick on your back

+ Natural and sustainable solution for anyone with back and neck issues. The therapeutic wearable shirt trains your muscles to always be in the correct position, which helps cure your back and neck pain

Seated Thoracic Rotation Comparison

Thoracic mobility plays a critical role in golf performance and recovery. Increased thoracic mobility is the most desirable outcome of any golf fitness program. Sometimes it can take months to improve rotation, but Forme can help you achieve this goal rather quickly.

Without Forme

Thoracic Rotation: 20°

With Forme

Thoracic Rotation: 75°


“The shirt provides instant feedback. I can feel my neck relax and all the tension on my back and neck is gone. It doesn’t just help when standing up but also when I sit down. I like to wear it mostly when I travel because it helps with my recovery. The shirt automatically brings my shoulder blades down and back. I am no longer hunched over and my alignment is as good as it has ever been.”

Jared Wolfe
2x PGA Korn Ferry Tour Winner

“I've had 2 neck surgeries and other back issues including thoracic outlet syndrome. Since I started to wear the Forme shirt all of my posture issues have gone away. The shirt resets my posture, creating muscle memory. I've never felt healthier. I personally use it on travel days, after workouts and post rounds to help reset my body back to a neutral position. I would highly recommend anyone with back/neck pain to check Forme out.”

Colin Monagle
PGA Tour Latinoamerica

“When I first put on the shirt, I got instant feedback. The longer I wore the product, the better improvement I saw in my own flexibility, rotation and posture. Not to mention the better positions I was able to get my body into. So I made some of my clients wear the shirt during their training sessions. The results have been remarkable.”

Sheldon Roberts
Senior Golf-Fitness Trainer at Urban Golf Performance

“Being a professional golfer who's traveling and competing worldwide, recovery is of the utmost importance. Forme allows me to feel more rested on long travel days. Wearing Forme along with the Whoop, has given me higher HRV, and higher recovery rates. The wearable is nothing like Copper Fit and compression devices that only compress and weaken the muscles underneath. Forme helps activate the muscles, and teaches you to have that mind & body connection for better posture and alignment.”

Benjamin Lein
PGA Tour China/Canada

"I’ve been using the Forme technology for a handful of months now. The biggest thing for me is that it helps to train and keep my right scapula in a more retracted position throughout the golf swing without having to think about it too much. These shirts really help guys with limited thoracic mobility like me by helping get our bodies in more optimal positions to produce more stable and consistent swings."

Kevin Techakanokboon
PGA Korn Ferry Tour, 2 Time PGA Tour China Winner

“When you start rounding from the shoulders, you start losing rotation, so anything we can do to open up the chest, help work the lower scaps, work thoracic extension, something like this Forme bra is excellent for golf.”

Andrea Doddato
Top 50 Golf-Fitness Professional

"I began having neck and back pain at the end of 2018 and struggled with the injury for years. I was on the endless search to get out of pain, and was seeing a PT and Chiro consistently. Nothing was sticking. I would be pain free for a few weeks then a simple tweak and I was back in pain. I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Liu in person and try this shirt. I was skeptical as I think most are, but noticed an immediate difference. I use the shirt for long drives, plane rides, and after workouts to keep myself in ideal positions."

Blake Olson
PGA Korn Ferry Tour and PGA Tour Canada

"I’ve been using this for a year and seen an incredible difference. Number 1 it's helped my posture, number 2 its helped my golf game. I have better posture when I swing and better rotation. Helped with my breathing, always had lung problems, I had a double lung transplant, had to learn how to re-breathe, wearing the Forme shirt has helped me breathe much better and keeps me healthier."

Jim Hinckley
Century Golf Partners CEO, Former American Golf CEO, Former ClubCorp President

"One thing that’s very different about this than other things I’ve tried is that it’s pulling my shoulders down as well, so your scapulars are down, which is great since you want them to be in their socket so you can rotate better in your golf swing."

Scott Davies
Coach (IMG Golf Academy, Director)

"Recovery is important to me and Forme’s posture shirts help my body to recover more quickly, especially after long travel days. Big fan of their multifunctional products that train my body for ideal posture. 

Since I started to wear the Forme shirt I have found that it provides me with effortless recovery from training. I use it for yoga, putting, working out and when I travel and I am no longer hunched over-my back is completely in-line."

Chandler Blanchet
PGA Korn Ferry Tour

The Forme shirt instantly gets my back back in line. Training with it has helped enhance my performance on the course and just as important has helped me to recover quickly from training and traveling. It's like having a 15th club in my bag."

Evan Harmeling
PGA Korn Ferry Tour Champion

"I’ve been playing professionally since 2016 and I have been wearing the Forme shirt for the past two years on tour and it has been a game changer for me. It definitely helps keep my posture, and my back feels much less tight after all the travel. I love wearing it when I travel and after long days of playing/working out. It keeps my posture proper when I’m too tired or distracted to be aware of it."

Rohan Ramnath
PGA Tour Latinoamerica

"All you have to do is put on the shirt and it pulls your shoulders back into the correct posture. It’s that simple. I have no doubt it will correct my slumped shoulders, forward neck leaning and overall bad posture."

Harry Nodwell
Senior Director of Product Testing
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