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In Their Own Words

From PGA Tour professionals to Olympic gold medalists, professionals across the board rely on Forme® posture correcting wearables for better alignment, performance, and recovery. Select a video to see what Forme® does for them.

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“The Forme bra transforms posture by pulling shoulders down and back and engaging muscle memory for the long term.”

“If the pandemic has ruined your posture, these workout clothes could help—and might even improve your lung capacity.”

“Expect a decrease in pain, increased shoulder and rib cage mobility, spinal alignment, and enhanced breathing.”

“All you have to do is put on the shirt, and it pulls your shoulders back into the correct posture.”

“The fit is flattering and smoothing without being aggressively tight”

“The scientifically proven product will better align your shoulders and spine over time to not only improve your game, but your overall health too.”

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“During long days at the studio, I rely on Forme to keep me on point. The Power Bra has functional and stylish support to keep me in line while I’m teaching Pilates.”

Leigh McLaughlin
Pilates Instructor

“Within seconds of wearing Forme, I got great posture. My arms were rolled back, which is important for golf. I also felt my neck was relaxed, which is perfect for travel and recovery after competitions.”

C.T. Pan
PGA Tour Champion

“My favorite part is that there aren’t straps involved, so I don’t get etched in lines on my shoulders and back! If posture and back pain is something you struggle with, I think this may be worth checking out.”

Sophia Akhiyat, MD

“I have been wearing Forme since 2019, and it has been very helpful in my occupation and living. A lot of my patients wear Forme after shoulder surgery to avoid stiffness and pain. Many of my players also wear it for recovery, travel and sleep.”

Answorth Allen, MD
Professor of Orthopedic Surgery

“As a professional golfer with back stiffness having me grumble about my dwindling youth, I’m excited to use the Core Tee and Pro Short to help straighten my spine, neutralize my hip tilt, and recover from long hours of practice and travel. You can feel an immediate difference!”

Corey Shaun
Professional Golfer

“I trust Forme as the only wearable therapy tool that helps my clients learn better movement mechanics to reduce pain in sport and life. What I like about Forme is it pulls your body into alignment, so that you can finally start using your muscles differently and more in balance.”

Tiana Ringer
Physical Therapist

“I found Forme to be exceptional in my postoperative patients, specifically surgery for the hip and pelvis, as well as the shoulders and back. For three years, I’ve also employed it extensively for my own personal use while operating and recovering from a long day of surgery.”

Dr. Earl Brien
Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

“I have been wearing the Forme bras now for almost 2 years. I believe so much in the Forme sports bra for equestrian athletes and daily training in and outside of the sport.”

Erynn Ballard
Professional Equestrian